Auditions are on an ongoing, one by one basis, and they can be arranged by calling or texting Anna at 951-796-5511 or emailing  We also have seasonal auditions twice a year, held at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater. Our next audition dates are July 31st and August 7th.



  • Have the ability to stay on pitch
  • Sing Happy Birthday (starting on middle C)
  • Come to all Tuesday practices from 6:30 – 9:30pm (up to 3 absences ok)
  • Come to the mandatory dates: dress rehearsal, run-through, and both concert dates (at call time).
  • Practice your music at home and come prepared to rehearsals.  There are optional sectional practices available as well.
  • Be willing to commit time to the success of the chorus.

Membership for your FIRST season with the Chorus is $50, to help defray the costs of your dress and other needed materials.  Regular membership is $100/season.  Dues must be paid after a successful audition.

Questions?  Email or call or text Anna 951-796-5511.





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